Sunday, 24 June 2012


In February (just over 4 months ago), I passed the 5000 page view mark in blogging Dusty World.  I'd been noticing how it was picking up as I posted more posts.  It had taken me 14 months to write the 5000 page view post.  I don't have any real breakout posts that went viral, or found their way into main stream media.  The advice I followed was to blog about what you want, how you want, as often as you can.  Even with that approach, Dusty World just passed ten thousand page views.

In seventeen weeks Dusty World has doubled its page views.  Still nothing viral or super catchy, the biggest post has a few hundred views, but there are now well over one hundred posts, and they all draw traffic from Google searches.  I'm still entirely satisfied with the professional focus of the blog and find it a powerful way to participate in and contribute to my personal learning network, as well as an opportunity to work out my own views on the challenges of teaching in a time of radical change.

Here are the stats:

The curve showing the growth of the blog since I started in November of '09 is the part that most interests me.  The growth curve varies in the short term, but the long term trend is obvious.  Some posts get more attention than others, but as long as I'm honestly pursuing a personal query about my profession, I'm happy with that variation.

I don't see me putting down blogging at any point in the near future.  This summer when I'm taking my computer teaching additional qualification I intend to blog extensively about the process... more grist for the dusty world mill.  How teachers teach teachers is a wonderfully self-reflexive moment in a teacher's career.  How we teach teaching digital technology whilst in the middle of a digital revolution feels historical.  What better way to reflect on that than in the new digital medium of blogging?

See you in another 10k for another meta-cognitive moment.